Mibelle Group part of Kickstart again


After Oliq and Fillip, the Mibelle Group is once again part of the Kickstart programme, with another innovation. The WoWMi (project name) team’s pitch won over the jurors in the Intrapreneur field and, since the start of September, it has been taking part in the Kickstart programme 2020, to further develop WoWMi.

Founded five years ago, Kickstart is now the biggest European innovation platform. It brings together start-ups, major corporations, cities, foundations and universities to promote technological innovations together. This year, more than 50 start-ups from eleven countries will take part in the programme, with their projects.


Treat yourself to a break? For many of us, this is an almost unattainable goal, as we are too caught up in our daily lives. But the Mibelle Group’s WoWMi team decided it is possible.

WoWMi - the product for a relaxing break

The team’s idea is as simple as it is impressive: WoWMi offers a comprehensive range of beauty and wellness services and, furthermore, a concierge service for day-to-day tasks. Whilst customers relax and enjoy their breaks, children are cared for, shopping done, dry cleaning taken care of and much more. The service is a one-stop shop for treatments from facial, nail and hair care, to make-up, colour and styling advice, as well as massages.

A project with a future

In 2019, the Swiss spent some two billion francs on beauty and wellbeing in beauty salons. This made the project’s four founders, Bergit Sagebiel, Melina Schenkel, Rouven Zimmermann and Sibylle Welker optimistic. The potential exists, in particular for mums and very busy businesswomen. But they are not the only ones, as the market is growing.

The team has been working hard since mid-June on testing hypotheses by means of experiments. During the ten-week Kickstart programme, the team is looking forward to further reviewing customers’ needs, WoWMi’s feasibility and profitability.

If you like to learn more about the participating start-ups and intrapreneurships please view the Kickstart 2020 Online Opening Ceremony from 1st September 2020. WoWMi is presented at 1 h 48.