Mibelle Biochemistry’s mission is to develop the most innovative bioactive cosmetic ingredients for our customers. To this end, our scientists take natural plant substances and refine them. Our active ingredients are the result of intensive research and extensive clinical trials to determine their effectiveness.


Mibelle Biochemistry develops and researches innovative, high-quality active ingredients based on solid scientific expertise.


End-to-end technical support and marketing-focused documentation help to position products perfectly on the market.


The ability to innovate and anticipate future developments and the desire to meet our customers’ needs make Mibelle Biochemistry the perfect partner.


Mibelle Biochemistry has access to refined, advanced biotechnologies that guarantee optimal bioactivity and the bioavailability of active ingredients.


Extensive knowledge and experience in cosmetics and the associated trends enable us to develop future-forward concepts.


‘Inspired by nature, realised by science’: in line with this philosophy, our research team refines naturally sourced components into highly effective active ingredients. Our commitment to the sustainability of our products lies at the heart of our business and is consistently being developed.

Research stories

The world of research is a regular source of exciting stories about discoveries, ingredients, nature and our future. Dive in and discover more.

Ingredients and products

The scientists at Mibelle Biochemistry process natural plant substances into bioactive cosmetic ingredients. Our research and development team uses the latest encapsulation technologies to ensure optimum bioavailability and thus maximum effectiveness of the ingredients in our products.

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