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From chocolate to yoghurt, biscuits, syrup, sausage, detergent and suncream, around 10,000 products of the Migros range in Switzerland are produced in Migros' own industrial companies, which also include the Mibelle Group. The products are produced by more than 11,000 employees in 18 companies of Migros-Industrie in Switzerland.

Many of these M-Industrie products are extremely popular and therefore an essential part of the everyday life of many people.

With its 18 Swiss and three foreign establishments, M-Industrie offers more than 20,000 high-quality food and near-non-food products. It is thus one of the largest private lable producers worldwide and closely interwoven with the traditional Swiss notion of quality.

By committing itself to its own production facilities, Migros is continuing the business model of its founder Gottlieb Duttweiler. The latter already bought his first company - Alkoholfreie Weine AG, Meilen" - in 1928. More and more production sites were added later. In part, Duttweiler was forced to take this step because the branded goods manufacturers were not in agreement with his low-price policy and therefore would not supply him. What started as a necessity, soon became a virtue – in addition to the company's great social and cultural commitment, the unique products are an important reason why Migros is so popular among the Swiss population.