«Advanced Ingredient Award» for «AnaGain™»


Mibelle Group Biochemistry wins the new «Advanced Ingredient Award» from the specialist trade fairs COSMEETING AND CREATIVE BEAUTY in Paris.

The award was presented for the active ingredient «AnaGain™» which is used in products to combat hair loss, stimulate hair growth and for anti-age hair products.

The specialist trade fairs COSMEETING and CREATIVE BEAUTY, which are held every September in Paris, present the “Beauty Challenger Awards” (BCA) to the most innovative cosmetics and perfumery products. These awards recognise up-and-coming cosmetic brands. This year, active ingredients were also recognised with the «Advanced Ingredient Award», which was presented for the first time, going to the Mibelle Group Biochemistry for the hair growth booster «AnaGain™».

Proven effect of pea sprouts

Various factors can lead to people suddenly losing more hair than is the norm on average. This is then called diffuse hair loss.
Plant-based active ingredients can provide effect support in treating diffuse hair loss. Mibelle Group Biochemistry discovered that an extract from pea sprouts has a positive effect on hair growth. The active ingredient «AnaGain™» was developed on this basis. It was proven in comprehensive clinical tests that substantially more hair follicles were in the active growth phase again after just three months of treatment. A result that has a positive effect on hair density.