Production sites are operated in a CO2-neutral manner


The Mibelle Group is implementing ambitious sustainability projects to reduce its CO2 emissions to a minimum. All four sites have recently been certified as CO2-neutral production plants by partner myclimate.

The Mibelle Group’s plants in Buchs, Frenkendorf, Sarreguemines (France) and Bradford (UK) were recently certified by climate protection partner myclimate. “Certification as a carbon-neutral production site is confirmation of our long-term, rigorous focus on sustainable production,“ says Claudia Regenass, Head of Sustainability at the Mibelle Group. The four production sites produce a total of around 12,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The aim is to further reduce this volume through ambitious sustainability projects at all sites. Where CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided, the Mibelle Group offsets these by supporting a myclimate drinking water project in Uganda, East Africa.

Drinking water project for schools and households in Uganda

Clean drinking water is far from being a matter of course in Uganda. Forty percent of the population have to boil their water, and even more don’t treat it at all, which can lead to diseases and death. The Mibelle Group is using its offsetting payments to support a climate protection project by myclimate, whose aim is to provide poor households and institutions such as schools in Uganda with new technologies in order to purify drinking water. The resulting decreased use of non-renewable firewood and charcoal reduces CO2 emissions and, at the same time, has a positive effect on the living conditions and health of thousands of people.

The project promotes access to a range of water filtration technologies. A family can purify two to six litres of water per hour with a water treatment system. This saves them money - because they no longer need to boil water - and time that they would otherwise use to collect or buy firewood.

In schools a drinking water treatment system can treat 457,000 litres of drinking water per year. Because the drinking water is clean, students become ill less often and are able to attend school more regularly.
Certificate myclimate for CO2-neutral production sites

Treatment plant for clean drinking water in a school in Uganda.