Mibelle Group wins gold for “Bottle to Bottle” at the Swiss Packaging Awards


On 16 May, prizes were awarded to the best Swiss packaging solutions for the 50th time at the Swiss Packaging Awards in the form of the famous little egg-shaped man trophy. This year they are gold to mark the anniversary. One of these coveted trophies was awarded to Mibelle Group Home Care!

At the awards ceremony held on 16 May at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen, nine winners of the six main categories and two special categories were delighted to receive the special egg-shaped trophy. The Mibelle Group was among the proud winners, winning first prize in the Sustainability category with its “Bottle to Bottle” packaging solution.

“Bottle to Bottle” – a clever solution

PE bottles collected in Migros stores are recycled and used in new packaging for its pilot product “Potz Calc”. This involves sorting, granulating and re-processing old bottles into new ones. Besides the closed loop, what makes “Bottle to Bottle” special is the collaboration with Swiss companies exclusively – a first in Switzerland’s recycling market!

Comments from the jury:

“Closed loop recycling management is intended to contribute to maximum added value and use of raw materials, products and waste, leading to energy savings and a reduction in greenhouse gases. The new rHDPE bottle from the Mibelle Group is a perfect example of how this kind of cycle can be implemented nationally. What we consumers return to Migros in the form of PE bottles finds its way back onto the shelves at Migros via recycling companies in Switzerland.”

A great idea that has lots of potential for a sustainable packaging industry in future.

Swiss Packaging Awards 2019: Rainer Rohr and Rebecca Schröder (Mibelle Group) with Johannes Rehm (Huber Packaging)