Healthy and happy employees strengthen the company


Appreciation, well equipped workplaces and awareness of health topics: there are many aspects to the Mibelle Group’s health management and this is not random - happy, healthy employees are more motivated and therefore more creative.

Happy, healthy employees are key to a company’s success. They get the job done, are motivated and creative. Customers notice it too.

Health starts in the workplace

“Health in the workplace starts with a harmonious workplace, from ergonomics, via lighting, acoustics, space and air quality, to safety”, explains René Gerber, site manager and Head of Operations & Supply Chain Management in Frenkendorf. Every workstation or break room in Production and the offices at Frenkendorf has been upgraded in the last five years. It goes without saying that employees were able to provide their input too.

Health is multi-facetted

“Health management is a holistic process”, emphasises Senta Gruskovnjak, Staff and Organisational Development Manager for the Mibelle Group. Right at the top of her list of priorities is a pleasant working atmosphere - starting with open communication, via appreciation, to a respectful attitude to each other. Healthy management needs line managers to feel responsible for employees’ health. It is important that they look out for warning signs from employees, but also set an example themselves. A manager can also shape organisation of work, as well as psychosocial and emotional factors. Employees’ awareness of a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible, with sufficient rest, exercise and a balanced diet, has a preventative effect and also pays off for the company.

Requirements in terms of employee wellbeing are regularly assessed. The Mibelle Group conducts regular employee satisfaction surveys. When supplemented by various statistics, individual discussions and department surveys, these result in continuous optimisation to help employees progress.

Improving personal resilience

A key topic over the last two years has been addressing personal resilience to internal and external pressure. “This is something that concerns us all”, thinks Senta Gruskovnjak. She is very pleased that there was a great response to the workshops. During the workshops, employees asked themselves: “Why do some people flourish with increasing pressure, whilst others are just stressed? Which type am I and how can I improve my resilience?”

Health management - a win-win situation

René Gerber and Senta Gruskovnjak agree that: “The Mibelle Group’s commitment to health management is worth it. The pleasant, friendly atmosphere in the company impacts customer relations and business processes. This safeguards our success, and therefore jobs, long term.”