Sun Look IR-A


The sun is essential for life, providing light, warmth and wellbeing.But its rays can also be harmful to the skin. Sunlight contains infrared (IR) radiation in addition to the UV-A and UV-B radiation we already know about. IR-A radiation penetrates deep into the cells, causing damage that can lead to premature skin ageing. The Mibelle Group’s team of researchers had made use of this finding.

For 50 years the Mibelle Group has developed and produced Migros’ Sun Look range of expert sun care. All the products provide reliable UVA and UVB protection for the whole family and every skin type. Thanks to an innovative, anti-oxidant active ingredient, Sun Look now also provides effective protection for cells that safeguards skin from the consequences of harmful infrared A radiation and visible light.

From this summer, the following Sun Look lines will include IR-A cell protection:

  • Sun Look Protect
  • Sun Look Kids
  • Sun Look Ultra Sensitive