New active ingredient Black BeeOme™ for rapid skin regeneration


Mibelle Group Biochemistry has developed a new active ingredient - and in Black BeeOme™ draws simultaneously on three global trends: skin microbiome, bee beauty and sustainability.

Every day our skin is exposed to multiple stress factors, such as air pollution, UV radiation, dry air, or even cigarette smoke. It’s hardly surprising that our skin frequently reacts with irritation or impurities. To restore the balance of stressed skin, Mibelle Group Biochemistry has launched a new, gentle and natural active ingredient which restores the individual balance. 

Sustainably produced honey from Swiss mountain valleys

The new Black BeeOme™ active ingredient is based on the fermented honey of a rare and ancient species of honey bee. The honey from this highly resistant bee, known as the black bee, or dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) is sustainably produced in remote Swiss mountain valleys by local beekeepers. The black bee colonized all of Switzerland, north of the Alps, from the Ice Age until the mid-twentieth century and is the prototype for the species of bee that are common today. Today it has been driven out by modern varieties of bee. It is still nurtured in just a few protected mountain valleys, with the help of the Verein Schweizerischer Mellifera Bienenfreunde and Pro Spezie Rara (

Probiotic active ingredient 

The valuable honey is fermented with Zymomonas mobilis bacteria in Mibelle Biochemistry’s laboratory. Fermentation removes the simple sugars - glucose, fructose and saccharose - which are harmful to the skin, from the honey. The remaining long-chain sugars demonstrably stabilise and promote the skin’s individual microflora. Black BeeOme™ therefore has a probiotic effect and is able to regenerate stressed skin’s natural microflora.

Black BeeOme™ gives the skin a smooth, fresh and matte appearance

Studies have shown that, after washing, Black BeeOme™ causes faster regeneration of skin’s flora and accelerates restoration of the skin’s barrier. Black BeeOme™ furthermore regulates sebum production and leads to an improved, smoother complexion. In our clinical tests, use of a tissue mask with Black BeeOme™ showed a significant improvement in damaged skin after just 15 minutes, and to much less irritation and a less greasy, more even complexion after three days.


More information about Mibelle Group Biochemistry’s new Black BeeOme™ active ingredient can be found in our story.