Esthetic Aroma shower gels and liquid soaps


The move towards simplicity and authenticity also applies to beauty care. The Esthetic Aroma subline comprises two Aroma shower gels and three Aroma liquid soaps, in the harmonious scents of sage and lavender, vetiver and ginger and rosemary and mandarin. The emphasis is on gentle, high-quality care for sensitive skin and a unique perfume experience, coupled with clean, drug store-style packaging.

In our hectic and congested age, day to day we long for greater simplicity, authenticity and joie de vivre for body and soul. The Esthetic Aroma line, with the drug store look, delivers this sensuous home spa feeling. The vegan Aroma shower gels and liquid soaps with natural extracts have been designed with the greatest care and offer perfume combinations inspired by nature to suit every taste, whether it’s spicy-green vetiver and ginger, spicy-fresh sage and lavender, or spicy-fruity rosemary and mandarin.

The dark bottles, typical of drug store chic, are environmentally friendly, being made from 98% recycled PET. The sage and lavender and rosemary and mandarin soaps are also available in eco-friendly refillable bottles.