Candida Multicare Dental Fluid: now in a refill pouch


The refill pouch trend has grown steadily in recent years. They have rarely been used, however, if at all, in the area of oral care products. In conjunction with Migros we have now launched the first refill pouch for mouthwashes in Switzerland.

The first product to be available in the new refill pouch is the top seller, Candida Dental Fluid Multicare. The empty mouthwash bottle can now simply be refilled from the new 500 ml pouch, which generates 70% less waste than the original bottle.

This new product required a lot of planning and preparation. One production line was adapted specifically to it and fitted with special filters that are mandatory for bottling oral care products. An additional quality check, in the form of a taste test every 30 minutes, ensures that the product remains stable during the filling process and changes in taste are precluded.

Production ran smoothly and now nothing stands in the way of launch of our Swiss innovation. Candida Dental Fluid Multicare refill pouches are available with immediate effect from all major branches of Migros.