Apprenticeship: a highly promising start


The Swiss vocational education system is a recipe for success and unique in Europe. Some two thirds of all young people in Switzerland choose to study for an apprenticeship after compulsory schooling. An apprenticeship offers attractive employment market prospects and helps to a great extent to develop personal maturity. Swiss Migros is the biggest provider of vocational training in Switzerland, with 3,600 apprentices.

Development of professional expertise and promotion of social skills

There is already today a lack of well trained specialists. The Mibelle Group has recognised this social duty and attaches great importance to a sound basic education for its apprentices. The young people learn important general skills, such as customer focus, reliability, team working and friendliness. The focus is also firmly on development of soft skills, which are an important prerequisite for any job. These include self-discipline, problem-solving skills, time management and presentation techniques. We are also particularly concerned that the apprentices should understand business management matters and acquire entrepreneurial skills.

Active cooperation on concrete projects

Being young adults, apprentices think differently to long-term employees - so the company benefits from this too. By training apprentices in the Human Centred Design department where many innovations take place, for example, the Mibelle Group has an immediate insight into trends amongst young people. The apprentices are involved in concrete projects and make an active contribution to the company’s development. In the field of sustainability, apprentices are made aware of environmental problems early on and can contribute their ideas as part of apprentice projects.

The apprentices are the experts of tomorrow

The Mibelle Group trains more than 50 apprentices in 11 different professions - from plant operators and chemistry lab technicians, via office assistants and automation engineers, to pharmaceuticals or food technology. We offer 15-20 apprenticeships per year and run taster courses to give young people their first insights into the world of work. 

Interesting employment conditions and attractive prospects

It is worth training with the Mibelle Group - our apprentices enjoy progressive employment conditions, flexible working time models and numerous discounts on services such as language lessons and public transport season tickets. Cohesion between apprentices is promoted across the sites by means of various internal activities.

The young adults can take virtually any route they like after they have completed their apprenticeships. The Mibelle Group continues to employ 60-70% of the apprentices every year, something that it is very proud of.