Our approach

The Mibelle Group belongs to the most sustainable retailer in the world. Even during his lifetime, Gottlieb Duttweiler, Migros’ founder and a bona fide pioneer, called on people to use resources sparingly so the next generation would have a world worth living in. That’s why we’re committed to optimising all environmental protection measures as part of a continuous improvement process in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Responsible production, research and management has characterised the Mibelle Group from the outset. We have thus ascribed to a comprehensive vision of sustainability and a corresponding commitment.

We not only help our customers to obtain full services optimally tailored to their requirements – sustainability is part of the conviction at our company and offers our customers an expedient added value.


Our targets

We have achieved all sustainability targets of the first stage 2015-2020. Up to 2025, we have set ourselves new ambitious targets, but these are realistic and motivating objectives. The pioneering visions up to 2040 act as beacons providing us with direction in the long term. They prepare the ground for more radical innovations and presuppose certain technical advancements.

We have set ourselves ambitious targets in seven key areas up to 2025.

From 2040, we will only process sustainable raw materials.

From 2040, we will only work with renewable energies.

From 2040, we will only work with closed ecological cycles.


Our focus

Sustainable Innovations

In the research and development of new products, the Mibelle Group is characterised by innovative strength, enabling it to constantly reconcile sustainability and demand. Equally, we are focusing on product packaging recycling and are committed to high-quality, sustainable raw materials.

Sustainable Production

We are implementing diverse measures for more sustainable production in our businesses. These measures place great emphasis on especially efficient and prudent use of natural resources such as energy, raw materials and water.

Social Commitment

The requirements for the attainment of our goals are good working conditions that the Mibelle Group, as a progressive employer, strives to create (social pioneering). Social fairness and qualified employees are the direct positive consequence of this.


Our commitment

For us, sustainability means that ecological, social and economic aspects are taken into consideration in our daily business activities. 

We promise our customers that our products are always at the cutting edge as far as the environment goes.

We handle our soil, water and air with care and strive to create eco-friendly closed loops.

We have a systematic approach to sustainability management under ISO 14001. Our sites in Buchs, Frenkendorf and Sarreguemines are certified accordingly.

Sustainability stories

Sustainable packaging in demand


The expectations of packaging are high. The Mibelle Group is appropriately proud of its numerous Swiss and international awards.

Just like that received for the “Potz Calc” bottle-to-bottle concept, with which the Group hit the jackpot with the Swiss Packaging Award in 2019. In 2020 it even received the packaging industry’s most important global award, the World Star Award, for “Potz Calc”. “The packaging for limescale remover “Potz Calc” is the first to be made completely from returned Migros bottles. “No-one achieved this before us”, explains Rainer Rohr, Home Care and Nutrition Packaging Development Manager. The Mibelle Group had previously received both awards for the innovative, 100% recycled M Plus Oeco Power Detergent spray bottles.

Fulfilling customers’ wishes and adding value

Demand for ecological packaging is also increasing in the field of beauty. This presents Oliver Weiss,  Personal Care & Beauty Packaging Development Manager ad interim, and his colleagues, with exciting challenges. The team fulfils customers’ wishes and adds value with sustainable materials used as sparingly as possible. In an attractive design, of course. Amongst others, the refillable jar, developed back in 2013, has been awarded the Swiss Packaging Award in the Ecology category. In 2013, such packaging was not so important, but now it is all the rage and in great demand. In 2016 it won the Swiss Packaging Award with the Smart-Slide, an easy-to-use and non-drip fastener which can be closed one-handed.

From 2025, only recyclable packaging

Rainer Rohr and Olivier Weiss agree that the Mibelle Group will hit Migros’ target of nothing but recyclable packaging only from 2025. They have already exceeded their milestone targets and others are in touching distance.

In future it will be easier to fully recycle refillable packaging. No easy task because packaging not only has to be sustainable, but also user friendly, safe and robust, appealing and affordable.

The Mibelle Group has high expectations of CO2 recycling. Even now the company is using alcohol (ethanol) obtained directly from CO2 exhaust gases to make detergents. In the near future, the Mibelle Group intends to replace the petroleum currently used to manufacture packaging with ethanol. This protects our climate and conserves resources.

The laundry and dishwashing detergents from vending machines project goes one step further. The pilot project, in which customers at the Bern Marktgasse and Shoppyland Schönbühl branches of Migros in Switzerland can refill their containers at the press of a button, has struck a chord: “Customers just have to refill three times for this to be a more ecological solution than any refill pack.” Rainer Rohr is optimistic that consumers across Switzerland will soon be able to obtain their laundry and washing-up detergents at the push of an environmentally friendly button.