What are microtrends?


In collaboration with the GDI (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute), the Mibelle Group has now been studying megatrends for more than nine years.

Megatrends are significant, long-term and global changes to society and consumption: for example, globalisation and health are strong megatrends of recent years. In strategic marketing, we go into slightly more detail and take a closer look at microtrends. Microtrends are always based on a megatrend. They are cross-industry sources of inspiration and information that can help us to develop new ideas or business models.

Spotting trends

As a trend spotter, we continue to look for exciting “signals” in various trend newsletters or via online research. We sort these according to their relevance for our business and categories, asking the following important question: what do the individual examples mean for us? For example, can a change in technology or a new business model influence our current business, or even jeopardise it?

By reviewing these microtrends, we can create change scenarios for management that are very useful for strategic decision-making. In the past, highly successful global corporations overlooked the importance of changes and consequently disappeared from the market: for example, once big-name brands such as Kodak and Nokia. Both underestimated the importance of microtrends and stuck rigidly to their existing business model.

The 8 most relevant trends for the Mibelle Group

Individualisation, flexibilisation, science, health, the cult of the social, value orientation, simplicity, dematerialisation: eight important trends that will particularly influence and change our business. However, what do these somewhat complex terms actually mean? How can we link the individual trends with our current business?

This is precisely what we’ll be explaining to you on a regular basis in this blog when we use examples of relevant microtrends in order to discuss megatrends in greater detail. We look forward to sharing this exciting world with you.

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