New: PolyFructol Plus


Our skin is under constant attack, not just from UV light, environmental pollution and household chemicals, but also cosmetic products and treatments. Frequently washing the skin with products containing tensides can disrupt skin’s moisture balance. Tensides dissolve the skin’s lipid matrix and ultimately lead to dermal lipids and humectants being leached out.

The new Polyfructol Plus active ingredient is a highly concentrated solution of plant oligosaccharide inulin, obtained from chicory root (Cichorium intybus). When combined with liposomes, Polyfructol Plus efficiently improves skin’s moisturization. The inulin contained in Polyfructol Plus is a humectant which attracts water from the environment into the skin. Because of inulin’s probiotic properties, a healthy bacterial flora is also formed, which evens out skin tone and so maintains skin’s natural protective barrier. The result is a perceptibly improved complexion.