New: Lipobelle™ Pino C - more than CBD


Hemp oil and CBD, the key cannabinoid in hemp, have recently been the subject of a real global hype, both as a nutritional supplement and in cosmetics. CBD is supposed to have numerous health benefits (anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, reduces sensitivity to pain, etc.) and also offers a diverse and very interesting range of effects on the skin.

Our latest active ingredient, phyto-complex Lipobelle™ Pino C, has been developed specifically for cosmetic applications. To achieve this, CBD is encapsulated in a nano-emulsion, to improve both the formulation in cosmetic products and bioavailability in the skin. When combined with a Swiss pine extract, as a side effect it also effectively combats skin irritation. This accelerates tissue regeneration and calms the skin. The result is a calm appearance and improved complexion.