Mastering Design Thinking


How do we succeed in transforming something from ordinary into extraordinary? How can we pioneer through innovation? We are convinced that this is possible only when we put our customers or the consumer at the forefront of our thoughts and actions, as it is they who determine whether our products and services are successful. We achieve this by targeted training of our employees, by learning the design thinking method.

In design thinking, the focus at every stage of problem solving is on customers and consumers.  Only when we know and understand their wishes and needs can we develop successful products and services.

The Mibelle Group has been using the design thinking method for some time, for development of new product concepts or simulation of new business models. In the process employees from a variety of disciplines work in an environment that promotes creativity. They jointly formulate questions that take account of people’s needs and motivations. They then develop solutions that are repeatedly tested with consumers and revised. The process is governed by a combination of comprehension, observation, brainstorming, refinement, implementation and learning.

Mibelle Group employees will be offered the Online “Mastering Design Thinking” programme of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which teaches the skill of design thinking. At the end of 2020 we ran the programme for the first time in conjunction with our customer Migros. The interdisciplinary teams devised new, exceptional, customer-focused product solutions using various realistic tasks:

Topic 1: “Covid impact”
What product solutions could help to make daily life more hygienic?

Topic 2: “In-store experience”
How could the physical POS be made more of an exciting experience, so that purchasing beauty selfcare in store generates added value?

Topic 3: “Waterless personal care”
What form must a waterless product solution take to win over sustainability-conscious consumers?

We are excited to see which of the ideas actually find their way to our consumers.

We want to equip our employees for the future with the experience and know-how from these courses. In the process we are intensifying cooperation with our customers and further developing the competent processes. The aim is new, exceptional product concepts for daily wellbeing that will excite consumers in the long term.

MIT “Mastering Design Thinking” programme

During the three-month online course our employees become familiar with the design thinking method. In addition to online presentations and e-learning to provide a theoretical basis, they also learn the process in teams of 4-5 people, using a real challenge from the Mibelle Group.