Gold for «How» film at international World Media Festival


The Mibelle Group is proud of the fact that its new “How” film, “Actually”, won over the jury at the World Media Festival, in the Corporate Communication category, and is delighted by the international award, which could not handed over in person due to coronavirus. The festival is an international competition for communications media (corporate film, television, web and print) and one of the industry’s most important events. A total of 800 contributions from 32 countries were submitted this year.

The How film takes you behind the scenes at the Mibelle Group - and up close to our employees. It shows the way (how) we work at the Mibelle Group and, above all, the many people who daily carry out pioneering work to make minor, ordinary, everyday situations exceptional. In the process it summarises our values and attitude - we could be very satisfied with our company and its many magnificent products, and yet we always want more. We want to do it better, to challenge ourselves in the process and repeatedly surprise and enthuse our customers.

It is the second corporate film that the Mibelle Group has produced with film agency Seed. The first corporate film, “The little things” is about our mission. It shows little, everyday stories from the lives of various people who we provide with improved wellbeing, health and beauty through our products.