Investment in growth at Sarreguemines


The Mibelle Group has invested three million euros in a new packaging line and mixing vessels at Sarreguemines, France. The expansion in capacity helps to increase the Mibelle Group’s attractiveness and visibility as a preferred partner in the cosmetics business.

Customers have a clear idea of what they expect from the Mibelle Group in terms of technology and capacity, etc. In the last few years their demand for large-scale production capacity in the Skin and Hair Care business has increased greatly. “The new packaging line and mixing vessels are our response to the growing needs of our customers and fit perfectly into our company’s growth strategy”, says Gaëtan Perzo, Plant Manager at Sarreguemines, adding: “The new infrastructure makes Sarreguemines a top-notch site for the Skin and Hair Care business”.

New packaging line for flexible and sustainable production

The new packaging line for skin and hair care products can produce an additional 10,000,000 units per year in Sarreguemines, responding to the need for increased capacity. The packaging line is designed to fill delicate jars or bottles (aluminium or glass, for example) at a high speed of 60-80 jars/bottles per minute. Thanks to the new technology, the Mibelle Group will be able to produce creams, liquid products and oils, but also carry out more complex operations, such as filling at high temperatures (up to 90 °C), which is required when producing waxes or masks, where the consistency changes, for example. The new infrastructure also makes it possible to sort glass pipettes or automatically close lids, inserting plastic films underneath the lid as a cover. The new line consists of a filler, a capper and a labelling machine that can process a variety of front, back, wrap-around and bottom labels. The new line is also capable of handling packaging materials other than plastic (glass, aluminium, etc.) and thereby assist customers with their commitment to sustainability. Besides the state-of-the-art technology, customers benefit from high quality standards and competitive prices.

New equipment for producing shampoo and conditioner

A new mixing vessel was installed at the Sarreguemines production facility in summer 2020. It is a Becomix system for high viscosity formulations, with a production capacity of 6,000 kg to 10,000 kg. The plant is primarily used for producing shampoo and conditioner, but also for other hair and skin care products. The plant consists of a premix of 3,000 kg or 3,500 L and a main mix of 10,000 kg or 12,500 L, which allows a plethora of technical variations for new products. The vessel is equipped with a cleaning-in-place system, using hot water, cold water and detergent, as well as steam cleaning to ensure optimum hygiene without contamination. In its first full year of operation, this plant produced almost 400 batches and more than 3,200 tonnes.