ALPHA LINE – Car Care made by Mibelle Group

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Three years ago, a small team at the site in Frenkendorf laid the foundations for a completely new product line for the Mibelle Group. In future we want to introduce a new sparkle to the world of car care with an innovative car care range. Initial customer feedback has been extremely positive!

The “By your side” slogan hits the Alpha Line brand values on the head: we are the specialists, the customer doesn’t have to be. Our high-quality products make it easy for the car lover to care for their vehicle and succeed because of the outstanding result.  A lot of passion has gone into developing the range and it is a rival for the competition at any time, with its great performance at a fair price!

The Ultimate Car Care Set

After two years in development and countless prototypes it emerged - the “Ultimate Carefree” package for external car cleaning and care. In keeping with the claim “Ein Griff, alles dabei” (One kit for everything), we have put together a compact, high-quality set, consisting of the main cleaning and care products, including the right tools, and packaged them in a sturdy truck tarpaulin bag. When opened, everything is clean, clear and ready to hand. The perfect “One for ALL” solution.

Our powerful range

Our range now consists of 16 different products which cover all the most important aspects of vehicle care and cleaning. Two new products which make us particularly proud were added this March:

The ALPHA LINE Wash & Seal Shampoo combines three powerful functions in one product: superb cleaning, a deep shine and a seal for the paintwork, which helps water to pearl off.   This eliminates the need for laborious leathering and the car quite simply dries as you drive. The shampoo does not interfere with existing seals or layers of wax; it in fact refreshes them.

The ALPHA LINE Hybrid Carwax & Polish is the universal product for polishing out dull paint and faint holograms, whilst at the same time applying a protective seal, for a visibly convincing result!

Everything you need - and nothing else

Alpha Line is synonymous with high quality, innovative and easy to use products that are a pleasure to use and delight car lovers. The range offers everything you need to care for your car and nothing else. The products have a striking. modern design, with bright colours, and their uses are clearly distinguished visually. In addition to the good performance, we are particularly proud of the unique fragrance. We have selected special, exclusive perfumes to offer an experience for the senses when caring for your car.

Alpha Line is currently available from Migros Do It, Galaxus and other specialist retailers