Novel active ingredient from sea anemones


Many women suffer from sensitive skin. Mibelle Biochemistry discovered that a specific sea anemone produces a poison which can alleviate this sensitivity. The newly developed active ingredient “SensAmone P5”, imitates the effective component in the sea anemone poison and is totally unique. Sources of irritation are normalised and sensitive skin is transformed into normal skin. 

Half of all women describe their skin as “sensitive”.

But what does this really mean? Our skin is sensitive if a certain pain receptor (TRPV1, in scientific terms) is permanently activated. We tend to react to environmental factors, which are in fact completely harmless, when these make contact with the overactive pain receptor. As a consequence, even a cashmere jumper can feel like sandpaper on the skin and may result in itchiness and even visibly irritated skin.

Hyperactive receptors 

Imagine this: pain receptors work like switches. In sensitive skin, or skin which has been sensitized by environmental factors, these switches are triggered much more easily and faster, irritants are not blocked and cause constant irritation. In normal skin, on the other hand, these switches react much more slowly, an irritant is only perceived when it is really harmful to the skin.

Answer from the sea

Nature itself gave Mibelle Biochemistry the template for an unusual peptide, which calms the skin’s hyperactive receptors. During the never-ending search for interesting new active ingredients, we hit upon a fascinating species of sea anemone, known to many as a hiding place for the famous clown fish. It produces a special poison in order to defend itself or to handicap its prey.

SensAmone P5 - inspired by a sea anemone’s poison

Recently scientists discovered that a component in this poison can block pain receptors, including those in our skin. This normalises irritation, transforming sensitive into normal skin once again. The newly developed active ingredient, SensAmone P5, imitates the effective component in the sea anemone poison and is totally unique. A tangible and active way to normalise sensitive skin.

SensAmone P5 demonstrably calms sensitive skin, alleviates skin reactions from the first use and reduces itching in sensitive skin.


SensAmone was created in cooperation with English company Venomtech.

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