Skin Microbiome – The key to healthy, youthful skin


The idea that there are billions of microorganisms living on our skin repulses most of us. But it is this very microbiome that protects our skin against the factors that cause environmental stress. That is, if it is intact. The new prebiotic* called Black BeeOme™ keeps this extremely fragile microcosm in balance.

We have known for a good 25 years that a healthy gut flora needs additional bacteria and that these in turn need nutrition. Think back to the hype when probiotic* dairy products were first marketed. Even people who didn’t use to like dairy products started eating their LC1 yoghurt or drinking their probiotic drink.

What’s good for the gut is also good for the skin, said clever cosmetic experts. Because even back then they knew that it is not just our gut but also our skin that lives in close symbiosis with billions of ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ microorganisms. Instead of concentrating predominantly on the ‘bad’ triggers of skin problems, which it had done until then, the cosmetic industry started marketing skin care products enriched with lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. However, soon after, the dairy industry had to take back its health promises. The boom in probiotic diary products dwindled. The excitement surrounding enriched skin care products also settled down. Or at least up until around five years ago, when Giulia Enders sold millions of her bestseller book “Gut”.

As unique as a fingerprint

It came at the right time for science. Because research into the microbiome, particularly that of the skin, had since made huge advances. For example, we now know that there are up to 1000 different types of microorganism living on the skin of a healthy person. This natural microcosm forms a barrier that protects our skin against environmental stress. It therefore helps keep our skin healthy, clear and youthful. Researchers were particularly fascinated by the fact that the skin microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint and the number and types of microorganism can be quite different depending on the body region.

Skin microbiome – just another new hype?

What does this mean then for the cosmetic industry? Our skin flora develops naturally, entirely by itself. So we wouldn’t have to do anything if we lived in a protective atmosphere. But we don’t. Even the gentlest cleansing routine and best skin care products disturb the balance of the extremely fragile microcosm. Far worse are the effects of environmental stressors such as dust, wind, sun, smoking, alcohol and many others. The skin microbiome needs our support.

Black BeeOme™ for effective protection

With this in mind, Mibelle Biochemistry looked for active substances that help the skin flora regenerate quickly. By fermenting the honey of the rare but extremely resistant black bee with the bacteria Zymomonas mobilis, the very substance they were looking for – Black BeeOme™ –  was found. Both lab tests and clinical studies with voluntary participants showed that adding Black BeeOme™ to skin care products very quickly restored the natural healthy skin microcosm after exposure to daily stress. Black BeeOme™ also reduces sebum production, improving the complexion of people with oily and uneven facial skin.

*   prebiotic – feeding the good bacteria
**  probiotic – giving the body the right bacteria


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