Pro-aging is the new anti-aging


When I used to think about anti-aging, I would immediately picture a woman who was trying desperately not to age and was willing to do anything and everything to erase the signs of time, especially from her face. Not to say that she no longer exists – you only have to look at Hollywood. However, this image has precious little to do with today’s women who are currently in their fifties, sixties or seventies. They are more active and fitter than ever before.

These women should radiate the fact that they are so full of life and experiences. The essence of their lives over the years should be quite literally written in their faces, but of course in a very subtle and positive fashion. The sparkle and charisma in their eyes should be emphasised and their wisdom and experience highlighted. So, how do you do that? The answer is pro-aging. It’s a change in attitude that celebrates aging and the lives that we live.

But what do these much-hyped wrinkle-banishing creams, serums, concentrates and elixirs actually do? Or more specifically, those magical ingredients touted in magazines and expensive TV ads, such as hyaluronic acid, Q10, peptides, fruit acids or ceramides. Not to mention the phytoplankton, dragon’s blood and plant stem cells.

These ingredients claim to replace substances that our bodies no longer have and reactivate processes that no longer work as they once did. This basically means maintaining an optimum level of moisture and keeping the skin firm and wrinkle free. We know that this isn’t really possible because these cosmetic products only have an effect on the upper layers of our skin. However, they do help to smooth and soften the edges and corners, helping to gently harmonise the life story that is reflected in a woman’s face. We’ve developed the perfect solution for this in the form of our new Zoé Lift care product range with PhytoCellTec™solar Vitis Vinifera and Liftessence™. Feauring advanced cell protection, our facial care system rejuvenates the skin and leaves it looking radiant.

Pro-aging expresses our modern take on life, where experience and individuality are more important than perfection and homogeneity. It is a welcome development and allows me to look forward with confidence to my own fifties, sixties and seventies.