New corporate movie: of little and big things


Development laboratories, test tubes, bottling machines, production halls – all these elements showcase the Mibelle Group’s expertise. We adopted a different approach in our new corporate movie. The result is a veritable declaration of love for life.

During an initial workshop with the Mibelle Group’s General Management team and film agency Seed, we discussed the new corporate film’s direction, using Simon Sinek’s “why-how-what” communications model. The discussions drilled down into the Mibelle Group’s core and became a real journey of self-reflection: why do we do what we do? Which fundamental human needs does the Mibelle Group address? What are our beliefs and values? We don’t simply want the corporate movie to show our sites or facilities, we want to touch the audience’s hearts.

Mibelle Group products are part and parcel of people’s everyday lives, young and old, from shower gel and skin cream, via margarine, to detergents. The product promise and effect are paramount. We also want our products to make people happy and stimulate their senses on a day-to-day basis, with a delightful fragrance, a pleasant texture, or a delicious buttery flavour. These aren’t earth-shattering events, but it is little moments such as these that become something significant, such as a pleasurable shower, fresh-smelling laundry, or clean glasses. This is how Gerda, Jérôme, Ping, Eddie, Rajiv and Alessandro came to be in our new corporate movie. They all have one thing in common – they want to feel good, healthy and attractive.

The new corporate film expresses the Mibelle Group’s mission. This has been translated into little everyday snapshots from the lives of different people. These stories bring to life what the Mibelle Group stands for – the wellbeing, health and beauty of people of all ages. Do you feel the Mibelle Group’s pulse too?