Lee Stafford – the Mibelle Group’s new, exclusive haircare brand


This year we are expanding our “Brands” division with majority holdings in QBS/ABS. QBC/ABS’s portfolio mainly encompasses super premium haircare brands. You may be familiar with the product line by hairdresser to the stars Lee Stafford?

Celebrity hairdresser hair care

I find Lee Stafford’s story very interesting. The celebrity hairdresser became famous when he won “Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year” in 1998. After that he opened his own salons in London and received accolades such as “Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year”. This success inspired him to aim for more goals and to achieve new ideas. One of these was, of course, his own product line. In 2001, with QBC, Lee Stafford was able to launch his cult pink products at Boots UK. The brand is currently sold in more than 33 countries, such as the USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil and Australia. The brand has become even better known through fantastic new sub-brands such as “Argan Oil” and “Ubuntu Oils”. The Lee Stafford brand is known for its high standard of innovation, its premium quality and rapid time-to-market. Our Brands team already has great concepts and innovative product ideas up its sleeve for the brand’s continued success. We will report back here.

“Salon Science” – exclusive brand with biochemical ingredients

Last year our Brands division was already working with QBC on another high-quality haircare brand for what is known as the super premium sector. The new line is called “Salon Science”. All the products are enriched with „PhytocellTec“ multi-award-winning plant stem cell technology from our Biochemistry division.

For years our colleagues in Bradford have been cultivating a close customer relationship with QBC/ABS. Development and production of QBC/ABS products will continue as usual at the Buchs and Bradford sites. Exactly like the latest haircare brand, Andrew Barton, which recently joined the Mibelle Group.

PiNK Family

Salon Science Skyline