Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for «Snow Algae Powder»


Each year, the award is presented to a European company that has delivered outstanding product innovation. The Frost & Sullivan consulting firm distinguishes companies that render outstanding services with particularly innovative products and best-in-class technologies.

Snow Algae Powder is highly innovative in many respects: a new source of raw materials, state-of-the-art biotechnology, an entirely new anti-aging approach. Furthermore, the anti-aging effect has been proven with completely new test methods. The results show that this active ingredient is not only innovative but also highly effective.

The active ingredient is based on an extract from an extremophile type of algae, which means that this plant can adapt itself to extreme environmental conditions. In the case of these algae, they have the ability to survive in regions with permanent snow and on glaciers. With an innovative technology, an in-house photo bio reactor, the researchers and developers at Mibelle Group Biochemistry succeeded in cultivating these snow algae in a sustainable manner and then processing them.

The snow algae stimulate the longevity gene Klotho which triggers the calorie restriction mimetic effect to extend life and thus facilitates an entirely new anti-ageing approach. In clinical studies, it was shown that snow algae powder improves the dermal/epidermal papillary structure of the skin. The skin is rejuvenated, toned and regains its elasticity.

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