Andrew Barton, “The Hairdressers’ Hairdresser”


Last summer Mibelle Ltd. became the licenser for the professional haircare brand from celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton. We took over all rights to the product line of the same name.

Not only is Andrew Barton an expert in his field, he is also very creative and passionate. Consequently he is greatly respected in hairdressing circles. In a 25-year career, he has been the recipient of numerous awards. He developed his own haircare line under the name “Andrew Barton” in 2007. It is available in the UK exclusively from supermarket chain ASDA. The brand is positioned in the “professional” sector. It fits well with super premium brands “Lee Stafford” and “Salon Science”.

There will be a brand relaunch this summer

In the meantime the Mibelle Group Brands team has tackled the exciting process of the product line brand relaunch. This will strengthen POS presence. The range’s recipes and packaging will be adapted to Andrew Barton’s positioning as superb quality professional salon haircare. The relaunch of the new range at Asda is scheduled for August 2015.

New business with the new exclusive brands

New sales channels that we have not previously accessed are opening to us through acquisition of the Andrew Barton brand and QBC. And we are in a position to offer our customers in both the middle and upper price segments attractive brands that they can sell “exclusively” in their economic area.