Consistently heading for 100% biodegradability

Environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaning agents are essential for clean waters. Mifa AG manufactures products for Migros under its M-Plus brand and, more than 97% biodegradable, these are particularly progressive.

  • Mifa AG manufactures the laundry and household detergents for Migros own brand M-Plus. All M-Plus products are more than 97% biodegradable.

  • Dr. Michael Lang, head of Home Care R&D and Mira Scacchi, laboratory assistant, checking a detergent’s pH value.

  • After pre-treatment in Mifa AG’s waste water neutralisation plant, the industrial waste water is piped to the treatment plant in Füllinsdorf (see photo). The production residues are further broken down there.

  • Mifa AG is a member of the voluntary European industrial initiative “A.I.S.E. Charter Sustainable Washing and Cleaning” and thereby makes a commitment to sustainable management.

For us, doing the laundry is as much a matter of course as cleaning our teeth. However, what happens with the wastewater? Each year, about 150,000 tons of detergents and cleaning agents flow into the sewer system in Switzerland alone. To ensure that nature can cope with these quantities, detergents and cleaning agents have to be as biodegradable as possible. This means that microorganisms in sewage treatment plants break down the substances into their chemical components, which are then returned to the natural cycle of matter.

Dr. Michael Lang, Head of Research & Development Home Care at Mifa AG, gives the actual figures: “We support Migros with its promise to ensure that 80% of these products will be at least 80% biodegradable by 2018. We have already attained at least 97% with the M-Plus cleaning agents and detergents – still with a very good cleaning performance. In general, we achieve this by means of a clever combination of sustainable raw materials and by limiting substances such as petrochemical-based polymers.”

The fact that environmental awareness amongst customers has increased is particularly welcome, says Lang. “Many consumers want eco-friendly products and are even prepared to pay more for them – provided that they deliver the required performance.”

The development of M-Plus products is especially important if we consider the long-term vision behind them:

“We want closed circuits by 2040, when all of our detergents and cleaning agents should originate 100% from sustainable raw materials and be 100% biodegradable”, says Lang. This vision is set out in the M-Industrie sustainability strategy to which Mifa AG is also committed.

Sustainability facts on the biodegradability of detergents and cleaning agents produced by Mifa AG:

  • The Mibelle Group supports the Generation M (Migros sustainability programme) promise that at least 80% of Migros brand detergents and cleaning agents, such as Total or M-Plus, will be readily biodegradable by 2018.
  • Migros’ own M-Plus brand detergents and cleaning agents, which are produced by Mifa AG, are already more than 97% biodegradable.
  • The Mibelle Group pursues the long-term vision of its parent company, M-Industrie: from 2040, all detergents and cleaning agents produced by Mifa AG are to originate from 100% sustainable raw materials. The Mibelle Group will then work exclusively with closed ecological cycles.

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