The future starts today

By 2040, the Mibelle Group wants to meet its entire demand for specialists with people who have completed a traineeship at the company. It is laying the foundations for this goal today.

  • Thomas Gasser, Head of Human Resources Management at Mifa AG, explains the next training steps to Yves Frossard, trainee in the profession of commercial administrator. «In my traineeship, Mifa AG prepared me perfectly for my final exams, and for the future world of work.»

  • Gina Jordi, trainee commercial administrator: «At Mibelle AG, I am appreciated and respected as a trainee. I can develop both my specialist and also my social skills.»

  • Timon Hablützel, trainee chef: «The traineeship in the kitchen of Mifa AG is very varied and exciting. I have learned to handle greater volumes. I very much enjoy being able to cook for an entire company.»

  • Aurelia Degen, trainee logistician: «I like being able to work in different warehouse areas; it makes my work very diverse. It is also nice when I see the products that I move back and forth every day later on the Migros shelves.»

  • Lucas Lenicka , trainee automation engineer: «Work in Maintenance is exciting and varied. I have thus been able to gain experience in many different specialist areas.»

Aurelia Degen is an exception. As a trainee logistician, she has opted for a classical man's profession – and is being supported in her training by Mifa AG. In another point, however, she is not an exception. She is one of over 50 trainees in diverse trainee professions that the Mibelle Group currently offers: Well-known professions such as machine operator, chemical laboratory technician or office assistant just like new professions such as automation engineer or chemical technologist, pharmaceutical technologist and food technologist.

«When you look at the big picture, it becomes clear how much we move here: Because we thus also make our contribution to keeping a promise of Generation M, the sustainability programme of Migros. It states: "We promise Manuela, to also offer a trainee place to 3,300 young people in the next 3 years,» explains Thomas Gasser, Head of Human Resources Management at Mifa AG. «With regard to the Mibelle Group, that means always at least 30 trainees work at our company. Actually, we employ 54 trainees. At the Frenkendorf site, we currently have 31 trainees in 9 trainee professions; at the Buchs (AG) site, the number is 23 in 9 trainee professions.»

For Gasser, this really is a win-win situation:

«The young people and young adults get rock solid specialist training at our company according to the latest standards. The promotion of social skills is a matter particularly close to our hearts.»

And what is the benefit for the company? After all, the trainees need intensive support; that costs time and money.

Gasser has a clear opinion on that: «You can not reduce the topic to the costs; for it is about our young people here. We also need these employees in the future urgently if you think, for instance, of demographic change. Or take the lack of specialists in Switzerland, which we are already feeling now. We need our trainees for the future of our company, for our specialists just as much as for our management.»

Our trainees are thus also candidates for a career after the end of their traineeship.

Sustainability facts on the trainees at Mibelle Group:

  • The Mibelle Group has undertaken to support the promise of Generation M (sustainability programme of Migros) to offer 3300 young people a traineeship in the next three years.
  • The goal that up to 2020 always at least 29 trainees and up to 2040 at least 50 trainess in different stages of training work at Mibelle Group in Switzerland is with our 54 trainees already excelled.
  • By 2040, Mibelle Group should be able to meet the full demand for specialists with people who have completed a traineeship at our company.
  • All apprenticeship professions correspond to the official training ordinances and performance targets.

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