Perfect beauty products are being put to good use at Caritas
Markets and Tischlein deck dich

When producing beauty products, every day surplus beauty products are generated, even if the company tries to reduce it to a minimum with an accurate supply chain. In order that the perfect, but surplus products do not go to waste and find a good use, Mibelle Group has entered into a cooperation with charities Caritas Markets and Tischlein deck dich. The partnership bridges the gap between surplus and deficit.

  • Despite of an accurate production planning the production of beauty products generate surplus products. Every year, three tonnes of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and creams are packed in cartons and pallets.

  • The logistics specialists of Mibelle Group palletise the boxes with surplus beauty products.

  • Once a week, the trucks from Caritas and Tischlein deck dich pick up the products at Mibelle Group and transport them to the central warehouses of the organisations.

  • From the central warehouses the surplus products are distributed to the 21 Caritas markets and more than 125 distribution points of Tischlein deck dich. The cooperation between Mibelle Group and the organisations is a win-win situation.

  • People living in poverty can buy food and household essentials at Caritas at rock-bottom prices and at Tischlein deck dich for a symbolic one franc and on presenting the access card.

As part of its sustainability vision of zero waste, Mibelle Group is constantly looking for new ways to avoid or recycle waste. Supply chain managers do everything they can to generate no, or very little waste, with careful and accurate production planning. So far, however, we have not quite managed to achieve zero waste. There is always surplus production as a result of adjusting the manufacturing machine settings, damaged deliveries, or specific customer requirements, such as deliveries per pallet. Instead of putting it to waste, Mibelle Group has investigated cooperation with charities Caritas Markets and Tischlein deck dich.

The cooperation has been easily and successfully set up within two months: “We are very pleased about this wise partnerhip. On the one hand, it is a further step towards our Zero Waste vision, on the other hand we can help people who can only afford the bare essentials”, says Peter Hofmann, responsible for logistics at the Mibelle Group.

Poverty in Switzerland on the rise
570,000 people in Switzerland are living in poverty. These people live on a minimum income and can only afford the bare essentials. To help them, Caritas Markets has set up shopping markets and private, donation-financed association Tischlein deck dich has organised distribution centres, where people experiencing financial hardship can obtain food and household essentials. On presenting an access card, those affected by poverty can shop at rock-bottom prices from the 11 Caritas markets and buy for a symbolic one franc from Tischlein deck dich’s more than 120 distributing points. The access card, which is available exclusively from social services departments, ensures that only those living at or below the poverty level can access the offers.

Further use for cosmetic products - a win-win situation
Today, Mibelle Group passes on three tonnes of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and creams to Caritas Markets and Tischlein deck dich, free of charge, every year. It goes without saying that the products are perfect and comply with all regulations and hygiene standards. They are neither damaged, nor out of date and the contents are exactly as stated in the ingredients on the packaging. Once a week, lorries chartered by Caritas Markets and Tischlein deck dich travel to Buchs, in the canton of Aargau, and transports the pallets to Caritas Markets’ central warehouse at Sempach Station, or to Tischlein deck dich’s distribution centre in Winterthur for onward distribution. “The cooperation is a win-win-situation” Peter Hofmann summarises.


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