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The well thought-out health-management system at the Frenkendorf site not only reduces the number of sick days but also improves the working atmosphere. This has earned Mifa AG the Friendly Work Space quality label.

  • Thomas Gasser, head of HR Management at Mifa AG, and Claudia Wächli, deputy head of HR Management at Mifa AG, planning the next health management campaigns at the works.

  • Dominique Oschwald, Mifa AG Purchasing, doesn’t just sit down to work, she also stands at her new standing desk. Her workplace has been rearranged according to the latest information on ergonomics.

  • Dario Passarini, Sales Team Switzerland, talking to Lea Feldmeier, Marketing apprentice. It is possible to work more quietly in this large, open-plan office after rearranging the furniture and work areas.

  • Stéphanie Fux and Tomas Wisniewski from the SCM department enjoying their coffee break in the newly redesigned lounge area.

  • As a Mibelle Group pilot enterprise, Mifa AG has received the “Friendly Work Space®” award for its systematic health management at work.

For most people, good health is part of a fulfilled life, as is a meaningful job. A simple calculation shows just how great an effect on health our work actually has: full-time employees of the Mibelle Group spend more than a third of their day at the workplace.
Work can make people ill, but it can also form the basis for a healthy life. However, this does not happen on its own: “A systematic health-management system is, first of all, lots of work for all those responsible,” explains Claudia Wälchli, Deputy Head of Human Resources Management at Mifa AG. “Thanks to painstaking preparatory work and a great deal of commitment, we attained the Friendly Work Space quality label immediately and our efforts are now being rewarded with lots of positive results.” The independent foundation Health Promotion Switzerland (Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz) bestows this award on companies that have interlinked the most important issues, such as accident prevention, ensuring that employees are challenged in line with their respective skills, professional recruitment and development, the development of the relevant leadership skills at managerial level, the work-life balance and also preventative measures, such as ergonomic workplaces.

What exactly does this mean at Mifa AG?

Dominique Oschwald works in the Purchasing Department. The 30-year-old’s office workplace was modified in line with the latest ergonomic findings. Ms. Oschwald can switch periodically between her chair and the new standing desk in order to take the strain off her back. Although she works in an open-plan office, it is relatively quiet. Thanks to the rearrangement of the furniture and work areas, she is not disturbed by the movement and voices of the other people in the office. Her colleagues meet in the new coffee bar to chat during the breaks and it also has a lounge for relaxing.
This year, all employees of Mifa AG are taking part in the “Health and Safety Days”. On these days, there will be specific workshops about strengthening the back muscles, physical and mental relaxation (reducing stress), as well as accident prevention.

Many changes, both big and small, in Frenkendorf have together had a measurable, positive effect on health. This can be seen, for example, in the decreasing number of sick days. This has direct, positive and financial consequences for both employers and employees. “In 2015, the cost of daily sickness insurance fell extremly, this due to a positive development in the presence rates. We check the evolution regularly and discuss it with the Management Team.” says Thomas Gasser, Head of Human Resources Management at Mifa AG. He also reports another, somewhat unexpected side effect: “All new applicants ask us about the Friendly Work Space quality label. Highly qualified candidates in particular set great store by the fact that we really look after our employees’ health. So the award is having an effect both within the company and externally. This is what we wanted to achieve.”

Sustainability facts about Friendly Work Space at the Mibelle Group:

  • The Mibelle Group supports the promise of Generation M (the Migros sustainability programme) that working conditions at all Migros cooperatives will have attained the health-promoting «Friendly Work Space®» quality label by 2015.
  • As a pilot company within the Mibelle Group, Mifa AG, Frenkendorf, has received the «Friendly Work Space®» award for its systematic company health-management system.
  • The Health Promotion Switzerland foundation only awards the quality label for a limited period after an independent, external inspection; at the end of this period, another inspection has to be carried out.
  • The six quality criteria for the Friendly Work Space quality label are comprehensive and range from health management as a management responsibility and the creation of work structures that promote health to the company’s social responsibility.
  • In addition to promoting health, the award-winning health-management system also has many positive effects, for example, it makes the Mibelle Group more attractive for new employees, the insurance costs for employees are lower and management networking has improved.

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