Simply place your dirty laundry in a bag, have it picked up and two days later you can put it back in your wardrobe clean, ironed and smelling wonderfully fresh. That’s the idea of TICK, a new business model from the Mibelle Group. Following the launch in Zurich and the surrounding area, the start-up plans to expand the service to Bern, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.

Life is too short to be dealing with tedious chores. Washing, ironing and folding or taking shirts and suits to the dry cleaners are precisely such tasks. They take up lots of valuable time but are far from enjoyable. These days many people feel the same way, juggling their time between work, family, hobbies and socialising. To make life a little easier, the Mibelle Group, a subsidiary of Migros, has developed a new online laundry service called TICK. The industry division of Migros has been producing detergents and cleaning products for over 80 years, so the area of laundry is an integral part of its DNA.

Tick-Wash collects the laundry from customers using e-Tuks, a VW bus or express bicycle courier. It is then taken to our external laundry partner and returned to customers washed and ironed within two days. On request and for an additional fee, collection is possible within 30 minutes. The convenient service takes care of the entire laundry process for customers and even saves them the trip to the laundrette or dry cleaners.

The start-up is currently operating its services in close coordination with Genossenschaft Migros Zürich (GMZ) in the city of Zurich and the surrounding area. Now that the service has been set up in Zurich, the plan is to expand it to other large Swiss cities such as Bern, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne over the next 6 to 16 months.