Lee Stafford – 'Super Premium' hair care by a celebrity hair stylist

In 1998, celebrity hair stylist Lee Stafford was recognised as Men's British Hairdresser of the Year. He subsequently opened his own salon in London and received other highly-regarded awards, such as Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year. These successes motivated him to come up with other goals and ideas, one of which, of course, was the development of his own prod¬uct line.
In 2001, Lee Stafford launched his cult pink products in Boots in collaboration with QBC. Since then, the brand has been sold in more than 33 countries including the USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil and Australia and has recently been acquired by the Mibelle Group.

Andrew Barton – crowned with success

Andrew Barton, known as

"the hairdressers' hairdresser", is widely respected within the UK

industry for his creativity, expertise and passion for hair care. One

indication of this is the many awards that Andrew Barton has received in

his 25 years in the trade. These include coveted titles such as

"British Hair¬dresser of the Year" and "Ultimate Hair Icon".
In 2007,

he developed his own hair care product line under the name "Andrew

Barton", which is now completely managed by the Mibelle Group.