Future Group is the biggest retailer in India with a branch network of over 570 outlets in 243 cities. The enterprise is structured in a similar way to Migros with various companies in the Food-, Near-Food and Non-Food segments (supermarkets & specialty shops, home electronics, sports, construction/furniture­ markets). With this joint venture, Mibelle AG will be entering the Indian Personal Care market for the first time. "This is one more step in setting up the Mibelle Group as an international operator", says the CEO Dr. Luigi Pedrocchi, adding: "We will learn many new things because we are moving in a completely new cultural circle."

Mibelle hopes to be able to expand particularly in consumer goods such as Personal Care in view of the rapidly growing middle class in India. In this endeavor it is essential for the M-Industry to have at its side a trustworthy partner with a transparent business model and a good reputation. One important aspect was the presence of similarities to Migros, including the commitment to social themes and community welfare. The products will be available in India from spring 2016. They will be manufactured in Switzerland and at the local factories.