The nutrient-rich "Cream Beauty" crocus bulb

As one of the first messengers of spring, the crocus plant is a symbol of youth and a powerful new start in the yearly cycle. The plant obtains its growth-promoting nutrients from its underground storage chamber, the substantial crocus bulb. An exclusive extract from crocus bulbs of the species "Cream Beauty" is used by the researchers at Mibelle Group Biochemistry to stimulate the new formation of collagen and elastin in the skin. These two protein fibres form the matrix of the skin and give it its smooth and firm appearance. Unfortunately, however, the new formation and regeneration of these important protein fibres slows down over the years and inevitably results in a loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles.
Cosmetic research has long thought about ways of being able to effectively stimulate skin regeneration with cosmetic products in the lower layers of the skin too, where collagen and elastin are formed.

Cell communication – the key to generating an impact in the deeper layers of the skin

Cell-to-cell communication: DermCom uses this smart strategy to stimulate the matrix formation in the dermis, where wrinkle formation starts. Specific molecules of the Cream Beauty Crocus Extract activate the skin's own growth factors, which in turn act as messenger molecules and thus promote the skin's natural regeneration process. As a result, the skin tissue becomes denser again and the skin's appearance firmer.

World's first active ingredient with in-vivo proof of the new formation of collagen and elastin

Worldwide for the first time, it was possible to prove the new formation of collagen and elastic also in-vivo, i.e. on living human skin, with DermCom. This clinical trial proves that after just 2 weeks the production of collagen was increased by 117% and that of elastin by 25%.

Awarded 3 international prizes for innovation

In 2012, this highly effective raw material managed a podium position at not one but 3 international innovation prize awards. The "Innovation Award for Best Ingredient" is presented twice a year at the two in-cosmetics trade fairs, once in Europe and once in Asia. They are the most important raw material trade fairs for the cosmetics industry. The BSB Award is another renowned innovation prize event in this industry sector. At all 3 events, DermCom was awarded silver for its innovative concept and its convincing proof of efficacy.