The submitted packaging innovations are tested by 25 jurors from the global packaging industry and prizes are awarded to the most convincing products across a range of categories.

Following its success at the Swiss Star Awards, Mibelle has now been able to convince an international jury with its innovative refill system for the I am Face Q10+ Anti-aging Day Creme and as presented with the World Star Award 2013 for Packaging.

Based on the principle of the refillable pouch for liquid hand soap, Mibelle has developed a refillable container for face cream which is simply inserted into the empty original jar. Because a cream is not as easy to refill as liquid soap, an inner container has been developed with an aluminium seal and a small protective lid. Once the cream has been used up, this inner container can simply be replaced. This allows the outer container to be reused several times, significantly reducing waste. This is good for the environment because the ecological burden of this type of packaging is far lower than that of a traditional disposable jar.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to the original product in a conventional jar, the refillable jar uses 78% fewer resources. It also reduces the cost of materials, manufacturing and transport, and this is reflected in a lower retail price.