Washing, ironing and folding take up lots of valuable time, but aren’t exactly a lot of fun. This is where T/CK comes to the rescue – the online laundry services from the Mibelle Group.

The company launched the service in Zurich last autumn and has already attracted 2,000 registrations and a loyal customer base of regular users. “The response was huge!” reports Nicole Di Rubbo-Ronzani, Managing Director of T/CK. “Our business thrives from the feedback of our customers. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback, which helps us to develop and motivates us to move forward. We are also happy to receive negative criticism, as this helps us to become even better.”

Following its successful market launch, T/CK is now being introduced in Basel, Switzerland’s second largest city, at the beginning of June. As Basel is the home of many major international companies, a high level of demand is expected for the online laundry service. In addition to a German language version, the website will therefore also be available in English for the first time. Another new service that will soon be available is the T/CK app. Customers will then have T/CK with them wherever they go, enabling them to place an order with the laundry service anywhere, anytime. Features include a handy text message service notifying the customer when the laundry will be delivered.

Great emphasis is also being placed on sustainability. T/CK cooperates exclusively with local partners, enabling optimal logistics routes that are ecologically and economically planned. Attention is also being paid to ensuring that the laundry service providers only use as much detergent and hot water as necessary.

T/CK couldn’t be easier to use. Simply register online and place your dirty laundry in a bag. T/CK will collect the laundry from the requested location, take it to the laundry service provider and then return it to you two days later clean, ironed and smelling wonderfully fresh. On request and for an additional fee, collection is possible within 30 minutes. The convenient service takes care of the entire laundry process for customers and even saves them the trip to the laundrette or dry cleaners.

Shortly after the launch in Basel, T/CK will also be introduced in Bern. Other potential locations currently being considered are the cities of Geneva and Lausanne in western Switzerland.