After founding the Joint Venture with Future Group India a year ago, the first Swiss-Indian products named “Swiss Tempelle” have recently been sold in India.

Nearly a year ago the Mibelle Group and India’s biggest retailer, Future Group, founded a joint venture - Mibelle Future Consumer Products AG.

This resulted in the possibility for the Mibelle Group to actively participate in India’s attractive, growing market with a strong local partner, because whilst the European personal care market appears to be increasingly saturated, the Indian middle classes, which are rapidly expanding, have really only now discovered cosmetic products. In order to exploit the ensuing significant potential, in conjunction with Future Group the Mibelle Group is developing attractive product concepts and brands exclusively for the Indian market.

In creating Swiss Tempelle, we have successfully fused together two cultures by combining Indian consumers’ positive image of Switzerland with familiar Indian values. The product formulas are the result of an intensive and fruitful Swiss-Indian collaboration. The formulas have been tailored to the preferences of Indian consumers by combining typical Indian and Swiss ingredients, for example lotus and alpine rose or tulsi and edelweiss.

Just recently we were finally able to launch the sale of Swiss Tempelle in India. The six different body care products (three shower gels and three body lotions) are now available in 217 hypermarkets in all large Indian cities.

The first sales figures are very promising. If the brand performs in India as well as it did in our market tests last year, we can look very positively ahead to the future. Due to the strong growth of the middle class, the market harbours great potential and many opportunities, especially as Indians associate ‘Swissness’ and Swiss products with high quality.