FCL Manager Raunaq Sharma (right) accepts the award for Swiss Tempelle.

Swiss Tempelle, the brand managed jointly by the Mibelle Group and Future Consumer Limited (FCL), has won a marketing award in India. The award was given for the use of social media as part of our “get swissed” campaign last summer.

In recent years, India has experienced rapid growth in the use of online media. Indians are very active on social media in particular. So we used this fact for our joint venture, Mibelle Future Consumer Products Ltd. In order to support the launch of the extended product line of our Swiss Tempelle brand this summer, we placed a strong emphasis on social media.

Facebook posts and YouTube videos are directly linked to the Swiss Tempelle website. In this way, social media and the traditional Internet presence are more closely linked. Thanks to the support of India’s successful blogger, Miss Malini, who visited us in Switzerland at the beginning of the summer, our new product line is becoming increasingly well known in India.

During the outstanding marketing campaign, customers were able to get actively involved by posting selfies with Swiss Tempelle products on Facebook and they also had the chance to win great prizes.

The award for the “best use of social media in a digital campaign” was awarded by the digital marketing community in India (CDO Converge) in Mumbai.

We shall continue to consistently integrate the most important social media channels in Swiss Tempelle communication in order to meet the growing media needs of Indian customers.