The Mibelle Group launches corporate blog for dialogue with the public


As of now the Mibelle Group wil use its new corporate blog to provide regular updates on exciting corporate topics. In addition to insights into research and development, it will also focus in on studies and trends, offering a look behind the scenes at the private label company. The idea is that the blog should start a dialogue with the public and set agendas.

A few months ago the Mibelle Group was involved in revising its communications strategy. The aim was to cut classic advertising in the trade press to a minimum and instead to switch the focus to increased dialogue and online media. One of the main actions to emerge from this revision was creation of a corporate blog. The company wants to use it to discuss industry topics with its customers, partners and other interested parties and to offer an insight into market trends, research and even management topics. Employees from the various divisions and the general management team will use this platform to share their know-how and scientific knowledge and consequently develop them further.

From idea to go-live

Communications agency Corporate Dialog developed the idea for the Mibelle Group blog content in conjunction with Evo Labs, created the concept and design and was responsible for technical implementation. At the same time the agency helped the Mibelle Group with how to write blogs and the content guidelines when training internal bloggers. The design relies on a modern layout which is styled on the Mibelle Group’s well-known image.

Innovative and dialogue-orientated

With the blog the Mibelle Group is positioning itself as an innovative enterprise in the private label business for the personal care, home care and nutrition sectors. From today we will regularly publish new blog posts from a wide range of business sectors. We hope that in this way the Mibelle Group will be able to provide you with an exciting look behind the scenes at the Group.

You can access the blog now at

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Media contact

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