Startup company Tick to become an independent public limited company


The online laundry service Tick, founded by the Migros subsidiary Mibelle Group, is set to become independent in January 2019. Co-founder and managing director Joëlle Zanetti-Gloor is completely taking over the activities of the company. In addition to the geographic expansion of Tick, the service platform is set to be expanded with new services in future.

Tick, the startup company founded by the Mibelle Group in 2016, will become the independent Tick AG in January 2019. The new owner is Joëlle Zanetti-Gloor, a young Zurich businesswoman who helped set up the online laundry service and has been managing the business since 2016. "Tick has developed very well over the past three years. To successfully continue the startup’s development, we must be able to act quickly. This requires short decision-making processes, which the new conditions will ensure. I am happy that Tick will continue as an independent company," says Joëlle Zanetti-Gloor. In addition to extending the range of services to the cities of Bern and Lucerne, the service platform is set to be expanded to include new services from next year. Tick AG’s headquarters will be moved to Seefeld, Zurich, from where the operational business will also be managed.

A startup becomes independent
Two years ago, the Mibelle Group launched the Tick online laundry service. The Mibelle Group has been developing and producing detergents and cleaning agents in its industrial plant in Frenkendorf for over 80 years, and its expertise provided the ideal foundation for the startup. "The Mibelle Group's strategy includes developing new business models and learning from them," explains Luigi Pedrocchi, CEO of the Mibelle Group. "It turns out that some of these new ideas can be well integrated into existing corporate structures. For others, the path to independence is more suitable. In this vein, we’re putting the startup to the experienced hands of Joëlle Zanetti-Gloor following its successful establishment by her."

Set to become more than just laundry service
After Zurich and Basel, Tick plans to expand its laundry service to the cities of Bern and Lucerne in 2019. However, the company is primarily focusing on its continuing strategic development of the service platform. This will form the basis for further services and for opening up new business areas.

Tick is easy to use
Customers register online and put their dirty laundry into a bag. Tick picks up the laundry by courier at the desired location, hands it over to a partner launderette and returns it to the customer washed and ironed within two days. Upon request, the laundry can be picked up within 30 minutes for a surcharge. This not only saves consumers the trouble of going to the dry-cleaner, but also relieves them of the entire washing process.

Mibelle Group short profile
The Mibelle Group is the joint brand name for the Migros companies Mibelle AG in Buchs, Switzerland, Mifa AG in Frenkendorf, Switzerland, Mibelle Ltd. in Great Britain and Ondal France S.A.R.L. in France. As a full-service provider for the production of own brands, the Mibelle Group works in the three business areas of Personal Care, Home Care and Nutrition. Through the business area Mibelle Group Brands, it also engages in the development and management of exclusive brands in the cosmetics sector. Mibelle Group Biochemistry, an independently operating business area, specialises in research into and the development of active ingredients for cosmetics applications, and enjoys an outstanding reputation in the cosmetics industry globally.

The Mibelle Group is number three on the European market of own-brand manufacturers. The group employs around 1,200 people, generated annual sales of 455 million Swiss francs in 2017 and is part of M-Industry.

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