New brand umbrella for the Mibelle Group


With immediate effect, the Migros-owned companies Mibelle AG, Mifa AG and Mibelle Ltd, three production centres of the Migros M-Industrie division, will operate under a common brand name, the Mibelle Group. With this new uniform brand presence, the three companies have amalgamated their strengths and positioned themselves as the Number 3 in the European private label market. A committed full-service supplier specializing in creative solutions, the Mibelle Group is a onestop shop for personal and home care products.

Mibelle AG, Mifa AG and Mibelle Ltd, which was established in 2010 following the acquisition of a majority holding in a British company, Hallam Beauty Ltd., now operate under the uniform Mibelle Group brand umbrella offering products in the personal care, home care, nutrition and biochemistry segments.

The newly formed Mibelle Group embodies all the values for which the thee companies jointly stand: professionalism and leading-edge innovation together with sustainable, customized solutions for proprietary brands in the personal and home care markets.

Despite the merger under a common brand umbrella, the companies operating jointly as the Mibelle
Group will retain their current legal forms:

  • Mibelle AG, based in Buchs/AG, has been a producer of cosmetic and hygiene articles for Migros Group companies since 1961 while manufacturing proprietary brands for the retail trade.
  • Mifa AG headquartered in Frenkendorf/BL was founded in 1933 and is the largest producer of washing detergents and cooking fats in Switzerland.
  • MibelleMibelle Ltd. (formerly known as Hallam Beauty Limited) is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of cosmetic care products in Great Britain.

Other changes resulting from the formation of the Mibelle Group umbrella brand are as follows:

  • The Personal Care division will be supported by the Mibelle Group Biochemistry unit. This
    independently operating profit centre specializes in the research and development of actives for cosmetic applications.
  • The Mifa AG food division will continue to operate as a profit centre but from now on will be known as the Mibelle Group Nutrition sub-brand. It will focus on the development and manufacture of cooking fats and liquid fats as well as special products for further development in the food industry.

The newly formed Mibelle Group has approximately 1000 employees at its three production facilities (Buchs AG, Frenkendorf BL and Bradford in England) and generates sales in the region of EUR 335 million.

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