"BSB Innovation Prize 2014" for the anti-ageing active ingredient "Snow Algae Powder" developed by Mibelle Group Biochemistry


The research and development company Mibelle Group Biochemistry, which is a profit center of the Mibelle Group, once again wins the highly regarded industry award, the "European Cosmetics Innovation Prize" in the "Active ingredients", this time for its latest anti-ageing development "Snow Algae Powder".

The Biochemistry business unit, which works independently within the Mibelle Group, is specialised in research, development and production of active ingredients which are sold to companies of the cosmetics sector around the world.
With its latest anti-ageing innovation "Snow Algae Powder", the natural scientists of the research and development company based in Buchs in the canton of Aargau have notched up another success.

An entirely innovative source of raw materials, a specially developed bio technology, a revolutionary antiageing approach and convincing efficacy results make this active ingredient highly innovative:

Snow algae, the secret of red snow

The active ingredient is based on an extract from an extremophile species of algae which has the ability to survive in regions with permanent snow and glaciers. These masters of survival, which are green in their normal condition, form protecting molecules in phases of stress (not enough food, excessive UV exposure) and turn red. In this phase, the snow algae can be seen with the naked eye in the mountains as "red snow".
With an innovative technology, an in-house photo bio reactor, the researchers and developers at Mibelle Group Biochemistry succeeded in cultivating the snow algae in a sustainable manner in-house and then processing them.

Science and research: The key to skin’s longevity

Snow Algae Powder stimulates the longevity gene klotho and activates AMPK, a master switch in the cellular defense system. The klotho protein interferes with the insulin growth factor receptor inducing a calorie restriction-mimetic effect. Calorie restriction is the only proven mechanism to prolong lifespan of organism. At skin’s cellular level, Snow Algae Powder improves cellular defenses, oxidative stress resistance, cell detoxification and repair by activating these two key longevity factors. In clinical studies, it was proven that Snow Algae Powder improves the dermal/epidermal papillary skin structure. The skin is rejuvenated, toned and regains its elasticity.

A novel source of raw materials, a new technology, an entirely new anti-ageing approach and innovative study methods, these are the reasons why "Snow Algae Powder" was awarded the "2014 BSB Innovation Prize", which is highly sought-after in the cosmetics raw materials industry.

More information on the snow algae, the technology and about the life science topic of "Calorie reduction to prolong lifespan" can be found on the specifically created website: www.snow-algae.com

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