Seize your opportunity

The Mibelle Group accompanies and supports employees on their career path. We encourage talented employees with training on the job, in-house courses or specific education and further training we support employees who demonstrate dedication in their day-to-day work, have ambition to succeed and seize their opportunity.

  • Joséphine Bugnard, Group Manager Development Service: After completing her degree course, Joséphine Bugnard gained initial experience as a M-Industrie trainee trainee across four trainee posts, including Mibelle UK, and thus found before finding her chosen position as a Group Manager Development Service.

  • One of the reasons that the production at Mibelle never stands still is occasionally as a result of the excellent work of the «Alternative Raw Materials» team. They look for and test alternative raw materials in a 1:1 application allowing the customers confidence that they can rely at all times on punctual delivery and outstanding quality of their products.

  • With her «Compatibility group», the food scientist ensures that new products meet the expected physical and chemical quality. These are exposed to major heat, cold, light and other influences in a test lasting up to 30 months.

Joséphine Bugnard appreciates the opportunities for development at the Mibelle Group.

After completing her degree in food science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Joséphine Bugnard decided to collect professional experience in various divisions as an industry trainee at Migros. "A great opportunity", says open-minded Bugnard, who hails from Western Switzerland. After her last post at the Mibelle Group in the UK , she accepted an offer to temporarily head up the quality testing laboratory in Buchs. . This great opportunity exposed her to the challenging task of managing eight experienced employees, leading to her current position as Team Leader Development Service. "Mibelle gave me the perfect start to my career," she says, the company has an ideal size with its four sites, the parent company Migros and its international alignment, it offers interested employees many possibilities to develop their careers further.
Although a major group in both size and opportunity, the Mibelle Group still retains an approachable atmosphere meaning that it is possible to make contacts beyond your own division. The CEO, Dr. Luigi Pedrocchi is personally committed to supporting the trainee programme and plays an important role in their development.
Two years after completing her trainee programme, Josephine found the role at Mibelle as a Group Manager Development Service in which she contributes her communication skills and her specialist expertise across a variety of demanding tasks. She fitted well into the two teams «Alternative Raw Materials» and «Compatibility Group» right from the outset. She was not made to feel that either her age as a recent graduate or the fact she did not speak perfect German was a problem. Quite the contrary: «People know that they can rely on me and my teams. That motivates me.»

  • Fourteen years ago, Vicenzo di Maria completed his apprenticeship as a logistician with a federal certificate of proficiency (EFZ) in Frenkendorf. After gaining experience with another Migros company in Welschland and his qualification as a logistics specialist , he now heads up three teams and is delighted to be part of a positive working environment.

  • In logistics, you have to be hands-on and adaptable to any situation. «Fortunately,» says Vicenzo di Maria who in addition to his management tasks also likes the practical side of his work. «Because our work never dries up also means our jobs are secure.»

  • Precision is essential in logistics. This is where the goods flow from, from the receipt of the raw materials to punctual delivery to the customers. A cross-check gives security.

Vincenzo Di Maria appreciates the Mibelle Group as a fair and secure employer.

Vincenzo Di Maria appreciates the Mibelle Group as a fair employer who looks after its employees and encourages them. That is one of the reasons why in 2004 after completing his apprenticeship and gaining valuable experience at another Migros company, he returned to Frenkendorf as a logistician.
Then In 2007, he completed further training as a logistics expert with a federal certificate of competence and since 2008, he has been a group manager, responsible for two teams within the delivery departments of Home Care and Nutrition. Since 2013 the Disposal group has also been added to his responsibility.
He very much enjoys the work. Particularly because he can rely on the employees, most of whom have been with the company for a long time. He likes to recall the time when he started out as a group manager: "I was indeed a bit nervous when, as the youngest in the team, I suddenly had to manage staff whom I had reported to during my apprenticeship." His doubts were soon allayed. His teams took him seriously right from the start and he was able to learn a lot from them about good management. In addition to his management tasks, Di Maria also works actively in the logistics as a group manager. Together with his team, he ensures that the required empty containers are ready in time at the systems. He draws up shift plans, ensures that everything runs smoothly, controls the flow of goods and is responsible for the finished products being available in good time in the delivery warehouses. He is also a passionate examinations expert for the prospective logisticians with a federal certificate of proficiency (EFZ) and is delighted when the candidates score high marks.
Of course, not everything runs smoothly all of the time in his everyday work. «But with my enjoyment of my job, my strong nerves and the desire to achieve something, I have managed to master every situation up to now.» He appreciates the fact that the Mibelle Group is striving forwards: «We give our all for our customers,and that many employees have been here for more than ten years shows: We practice what we preach.»