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The special provisions governing other web sites belonging to Mibelle Group companies benefitting from a legal status remain expressly reserved. The principles governing use of this portal may be modified at any time with automatic effect.

Intellectual property rights and other rights

The Mibelle Group (Mibelle AG, Mibelle Ltd., Mifa AG) is the owner and operator of this portal. The trademarks, names, titles, logos, photos, drawings, text and other items appearing on it are all the property of Mibelle Group companies benefitting from a legal status, and the respective contractual partners of the latter. Displaying pages of this web site on screen as well as downloading and copying them does not give rise to any rights (usage rights, intellectual property rights, etc.). Reproduction (completely or partially), transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, placing on a network and using the portal with the aim of publication or for other commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent.

Exclusion of liability

The Mibelle Group accepts no liability (including in the event of negligence), which may arise from accessing, or the inability to access, all or part of the web site, or from any use that may be made of it. Access to the portal and its use are not guaranteed.

The portal contains links to third party web sites, which are neither operated nor monitored by the Mibelle Group. Therefore, the latter accepts no responsibility for their content. This non-acceptance of liability/responsibility also applies to compliance with legal provisions governing data protection by operators of these web sites.

Data transfer via the internet

To the extent that it represents an open network that is accessible to anyone and everyone, the internet is unable to provide a secure environment. Even though the transmission of individual data packets is conducted, in principle, in an encrypted form, this procedure does not provide a guarantee for either the sender or the recipient. Furthermore, it may be the case that, although the sender and the recipient are both located in Switzerland, the data may pass through foreign countries with a level of data protection that is lower than that in Switzerland. Consequently, the Mibelle Group accepts no liability/responsibility as regards the security of data during transfers via the internet.

Collection and use of information

When a visitor accesses the internet portal, a quantity of information is recorded (for example, the visitor's IP address, the access date and time, the name of the file called up, etc.). Personal data is not put to any use. It is utilised only for the anonymous analysis of data for statistical purposes, to monitor the daily number of visitors to the site, for example.

Data is treated as confidential. It is not passed on to third parties outside the Mibelle Group, unless this is required pursuant to the applicable law, i.e. by the relevant legal authorities.

Data security

The security of personal data recorded (in relation to a newsletter subscription, for example) is guaranteed.