nju by xLaeta

The influencer beauty brand

nju is the beauty label of the Mibelle Group in collaboration with the German YouTube vlogger Julia Maria alias xLaeta. The brand embodies the attitude of the popular influencer and the many young women and girls who love life and new discoveries. The haircare range comprises the basic product line “sparkle on nju roses” and regularly surprises with unusual limited edition creations. The fun and playful products are inspired and co-developed by xLaeta.
They are vegan, dermatologically tested and silicone-free – and of course enriched with lots of glitter, shine and little surprises à la xLaeta.
The Mibelle Group is tapping into a major trend by joining forces with xLaeta. nju was specially developed for a new generation that wants
to be emotionally and very personally connected with a brand and its
ambassador – which is precisely what xLaeta represents.

Find out more at https://be-nju.com