What makes an iconic brand?


In today’s world, brands are present and accepted everywhere, however, only few have succeeded in achieving iconic brand status.

Which brand do you think of when searching for something on the Internet? Google probably immediately springs to mind. Iconic brands become a synonym for their category. They are easily recognisable without having to read the brand name. Iconic brands create a sense of identity and trust.

Unfortunately, the following happens all too often: a young, ambitious brand manager doesn’t like the packaging of a longstanding and extremely successful brand. He might not even be part of the target group and yet he is still determined to have his way and a new project is initiated. Internally, the product with its old packaging is perceived as being boring anyway. The initiative is supported and the project is implemented. Although market research shows that the modern design of the new packaging is generally well received, sales are much lower. Consumers miss seeing “their much-loved product” on the shelves and feel unsure about the new look. “Is my product as good as it was before”? And the “icon” has already been “destroyed”…

What can entrepreneurs and marketing specialists learn from this? 

There is no doubt that consistency and patience are required in order to successfully build a brand in the long-term. When it comes to hand dishwashing detergents, many Swiss people immediately think of the “Handy” in the cult orange bottle. With just two references, this brand has been the undisputed market leader for years. You are bound to have seen it already, The “cult Hand dishwashing detergent” now flies as a hot-air balloon over Switzerland. (We’ve also told about it here.)

“We make your brand grow”

This is our brand-leadership promise. We support our customers on their way to success and support their products as they develop into iconic brands. We are passionate about working with both proprietary brands and exclusive brands.

How does an exclusive brand differ from a proprietary brand? 

The exclusive brand is a “hybrid” between a brand and a proprietary brand, which we offer on an exclusive basis, namely to just one retailer, in each country/region. It closes gaps in the range and is distinguished by a sophisticated and unique positioning. It offers attractive added value and, in terms of price, is positioned between the classical brand and the proprietary brand and impresses the consumers with its innovative strength.

Brands stand for certain values. What would the world-famous Toblerone be without the Matterhorn? Thanks to its famous rectangular shape, it has achieved iconic status and this is what makes it unique in the eyes of consumers.