Another Award for the M Plus Oeco Power spray bottles


After receiving an award in August for its innovative spray bottles used in the M Plus Oeco Power range, Mifa AG has now also won the WorldStar Award. The WorldStar is the world's most important packaging industry award and is organised every year by the WPO (World Packaging Organisation).

Expert judges from 17 different associations in the international packaging industry (all members of the WPO) evaluated over 290 packaging projects from 35 different countries. Awards were presented to the most outstanding products in the individual categories. Mifa AG once again impressed the international panel of judges with its innovative spray bottles used in the M Plus Oeco Power range.

Mifa AG and Migros developed an innovative and environmentally packaging design for cleaning products in the form of a PET spray bottle for Migros Plus Oeco Power. The bottles are newly produced from 100% recycled PET and enable significant savings in crude oil. "Although plastics are recycled nowadays, they are all too often used for lower quality products (downcycling). Mifa, in contrast, produces its bottles using a closed loop process without downcycling. This is an important step forward for the industry," says jury president Stefan Jüde, explaining the decision.

The spray bottles are not only environmentally friendly, they are also a real innovation. As the colour of the recycled PET material can vary significantly, making the bottle transparent without any discolouring represented a major challenge for the developers.

Committed to making packaging even greener

By introducing this innovation, we are also contributing to fulfilling one of the key promises of our Generation M sustainability programme. As one of its goals, Migros has pledged to ecologically optimise over 6,000 tonnes of packaging material by 2020. The spray bottles made from recycled PET are an important step towards achieving this target.