New vegan cheese alternatives under the V-Love brand


With the V-LOVE product range, Migros is continuously expanding its range of vegan products, thus promoting the trend towards plant-based nutrition. New to the range are the butter substitute VEGAN BLOC and the raclette THE MELTY - developed and produced by the Mibelle Group Nutrition.

For some time, Swiss people have been eating more vegan food, which is why Migros has decided to latch on to this trend with its own V-LOVE product line. The V-LOVE product line has already been launched successfully by Migros and the intention is to continually add to and expand it. Mibelle Group Nutrition, our competence centre for plant-based alternative products, is already producing or planning various V-LOVE products.

Another product is now being launched with the vegan butter VEGAN BLOC. It is not only a perfect plant-based butter-type spread, it is also ideal for cooking, baking, frying and finishing dishes. It has been awarded both the “aha!” allergy mark and the “V-Label” quality mark for vegan products.

Ebenfalls neu ist das Raclette THE MELTY und ersetzt den ehemaligen Lupinen Schmelz in Wurstform. The product is still based on lupin, but the recipe has been optimised and improved. Mibelle Group Nutrition now supplies “The Melty” as a block of raclette to Mifroma, where the product is sliced, packaged and shipped to Migros branches.

Quality and melting properties have been much improved. The taste is very reminiscent of a conventional raclette. Visually it is also identical to a classic raclette because our 100% vegan raclette also forms a nice, brown crust. “The Melty” is available from all major branches of Migros in 240 g pack sizes, with 2x3 slices of raclette.

V-Label is an internationally recognised, protected mark to identify vegan products and services.