Delightful lupin vegan cheese substitute


People not only have a major effect on their personal health with every meal, but also on environmental protection and the well-being of every living thing on the planet. Vegan food is no longer just a fad; as time passes it is becoming increasingly established in our society as a healthy and sustainable source of nutrition.

The Migros vegan range has just been supplemented by another Mibelle Group Nutrition product. The lupin cheese substitute in a resealable bag is a 100% vegetable alternative to grated cheese and has a variety of uses in hot dishes. It has a convincingly mild and aromatic flavour that will not just appeal to vegans.

Thanks to its good melting properties, the cheese substitute is also great for pasta, gratins, baked vegetables or fajitas. It is also possible to achieve a pale golden-brown surface for those who like a crispy topping.